Home Safety Evals

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Are these concerns for your loved ones?

  • Are you contemplating moving out of your family home?
  • Are daily activities and mobility too difficult?
  • Are you concerned about your over all safety when moving about at home?
  • Are you afraid of falling?
  • Are you moving or renovating? Do you need recommendations on how to make your new home accessible for the long term?
  • Are you worried about someone being left alone in the home?

This is how we can help

Let Independent Living Innovations conduct a comprehensive safety evaluation of your home.  We will provide the tools and innovative ideas to allow you to live in your own home, safely, for as long as possible.  Our plans are realistic, feasible, and can fit within any budget.

ILI is committed to educating clients and caregivers with the tools to help their clients be as independent as possible with their daily tasks.  Our goal is to improve quality of life, reduce caregiver burden and delay a potential move out of the family home.